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Leakage Detector, air conditioning


Leakage Detector, air conditioning ENERGY NE00525

  • Length [mm]: 229
  • Width [mm]: 65
  • Weight [g]: 560
  • Height [mm]: 65
  • Packaging: Plastic Case
Air conditioning systems in cars can be prone to leaks, which can lead to a loss of performance and even damage to the system. That's where our Leakage Detector comes in. This easy-to-use tool is specifically designed to help you find leaks in air conditioning systems quickly and easily. Simply attach the included probe to the system and turn it on to instantly detect any leaks. With our Leakage Detector, you can ensure your air conditioning system stays in top condition and keep your car cool and comfortable all year round. Order yours today from and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your air conditioning system is leak-free.

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