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Collector Can, brake bleeding

  • ATE

Collector Can, brake bleeding ATE 03.9302-1424.2

  • Content [litre]: 1,25
The Collector Can is a must-have tool for anyone performing brake bleeding on their vehicle. The 1 liter can is designed to collect old brake fluid during the bleeding process. The can has a transparent design, so you can easily see the fluid level and determine when it's time to empty it. The Collector Can features a 1-way valve that ensures old fluid cannot be reintroduced into the braking system. The can is made of durable, impact-resistant plastic and comes with a convenient handle for easy carrying and positioning. It fits most brake bleeder valves and can be used on all types of vehicles. Don't take chances with old, contaminated brake fluid - use the Collector Can to ensure a smooth, safe and hassle-free brake bleeding experience. Available now at

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